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Friday, May 13, 2011

Oi! Oi! (An Introduction of Sorts)

Well, as luck would have it - I initially set this blog up at precisely the same time that "Blogger.com" decided to go offline and trash all the work anyone did from the 11th of May until today. You'd figure they would have timed it to crash on Friday the 13th...as that would have made more sense. Needless to say, the first (and I mean first) time I have ever decided to type in the little blog box instead of as an email first...it ate it. It's gone as I have no email copy saved. Not that it was the best written thing in the world...but for purposes of this introduction, I'm going to claim it was. In fact...it was friggen brilliant!

Alas, I have to start all over again...so here goes. It will, of course, not remotely match the witty excellence of my previous one.

The concept of this blog came to me as many times I have to stop a British show or film I'm watching and Google the word they're using in order to see what it actually means. Words in the United Kingdom, whilst English, don't necessarily make their way over across the pond to us here in the United States...and are, in essence, foreign to the majority of us non-native Anglophiles. Some words used are the same as words we have here...but used in a whole other context.

I find this utterly fascinating...and I thought perhaps others might be as intrigued as I am about it all. For some inexplicable reason I've always been drawn to all things British ever since I was a tiny child; this is one way I can delve into another world without ever leaving the confines of my little [pathetic Alabamian] world and the comfort of my sofa.

As I watch a LOT of content from the "BBC America" channel, and I'm always stopping to rewind, put on subtitles, and/or look things up -- I feel confident there are at tons of words which I'm not entirely familiar with...and I'm guessing I can't be alone. So, my plan is, from this point forward, when I run across a word that literally makes me take pause...I'm going to blog about it (in my own inimitable fashion.) Hopefully, this whole process will be somewhat entertaining to more than just one person aka "me".

So...that said, I invite everyone to participate...especially if you're from the UK. I also welcome comments, corrections and content as I'd rather be a "Brit-wit" than a nit-wit any day.

And that's what this blog's about.


  1. well, I did it but not sure how

    anyways, I am looking forward to this new brit blog

  2. I think I know what I did wroing, I was trying to sign up *via Google accounttn* using my Yahoo signup DUH

  3. Well, at least you figured it out - which is more than I can say I can do! :)

  4. Way to go, girl.

  5. Now if I can replicate that last operation :)

    By jove I think I've got it!!!

  6. Yes, sorry - someone suggested doing it another way (to leave comments) - but until they walk me thru the steps to do it that way, I'm afraid it's going to be this way...as I have no clue how to get it to do the other.

    Hopefully that made sense.

  7. Hello Mariann, I'm an Englishman and stumbled across your blog. What a quirky and utterly delightful concept. You have my attention.

    Going the other direction... I have always stumbled over "chips" versus crisps and am always a little shocked when Americans used the word "fanny". That is something rather different over here.

    I look forward to your observations.